DAAS SUMMIT 2014, i.e Dermatology and Allied Specialities Summit will be held between 25th to 27th July 2014 in New Delhi. This unique and first time ever Summit aims to bring together specialists from various medical and surgical branches under one roof to teach and learn from one another with the ultimate aim of enhancing their practical knowledge and their practice. The highlight of DAAS SUMMIT 2014 will be panel discussions in all sessions with active audience participation. Active participation as an interested delegate will open avenues to learn not only from dermatologists but from specialists of other fields too. First hand experience translating into practical tips from experts of allied fields like plastic surgery, rheumatology, endocrinology, pediatrics, gynaecology, hematology, etc will add to our collective therapeutic armamentarium add knowledge base, the much needed cut above the rest today's competitive world. We invite you to attend DAAS SUMMIT 2014 with a novel concept and help make it a successful one.

With Regards

Organising President
Dr.R.P. Gupta
M: +91 99810078174

Organising Secretary
Dr.Rohit Batra
M: +91 9911200050