Short Talks
● Cleanser and moisturizer; what to choose and when? ● Resurgence of leprosy: myth or reality ●Sunscreen topical and systematic ● Facial Melanosis unraveling the mistery! ●Pseudolmphomas: pitfalls in clinical and hidtopathological diagnosis

How do I counsel patients?
● For finasteride
● Parents in case the childneeds to be given immunosuppressant
● With a diagnosis of mycosis fungoides
● With Dhat syndrome

New attractions
●Ask The Expert/Quizzing the Authority
●My prescription
●Residents sessions: Award papers, Quiz, Debates

Panel Discussion and Audiences Q/A on
●What, Why and how of Gadgets in Dermatology
●Difficult to treat: Tinea cruris/corporis, Tinea versicolor, Confluent & Reticulte
Papillomatosis, Scabies, Balantis ets
●Pasoriasis and the metabolic syndrome
●How to handle eye complication in dermatological disordersv ●Scope of dermoscopy: the new diagnostic armanmentarium
●Hair loss in adult
●Whitish plaques on oral mucosa.
●Non-surgical/Non-LASER facelift
●Managing nenonata and infantile dermatological emergencies: are we geared up?

●Antibiotic policies and skin flora. Are cutaneous bacteria infection changing routes?
●The present day manifestation of STDs: a far cry from the classical presentationsv
of the bygone era.
●Everyday advice to our patients ●
Dermatology- MD or MBA : Profession of Enterpreneurship.
●Skin tumors: Approach
Coffee Session (30th June and 1st July 5:30pm -6:15pm ) (Maximum 25 participant per Session interact with who’s who dermatologist over a cup of coffee and cookies)
●Managing irrirtaing patient
●Setting up a cosmetic practice etc.
●Difficult to manage Tinea
● Mixed Bag- Ask anything in dermatology
Hand on Workshop: (30th June 2017)
●Facial reshaping with fillers ●Refining the art Botox ●Chemical peels
●Laserd in cosmetic pratic
●Acne surgery
●Dermatoscopy Master Classes (30th June 2017)
●Advances in PRP
●Hair Transplantation
●Fat Grafting
●Dimple creation Interesting clinical cases with management conundrums
And many more exciting topics……..